Jan 22, 2013

Cakeworks at Wedding Fair

Cakeworks, who are members of our collective, had an amazing display at Wedding Fair. It happened to be... well, vintage! Today we're going to share a few photos of the display. We asked Brenda from Cakeworks where her inspiration for the booth came from:

I have always loved primitive/vintage furniture and articles for my home and thought why not bring the two worlds together for a stunning dessert display. With a few vintage pieces of furniture and DIY accessories, it is so easy to make a big impact without spending a lot of money. For any bride and groom looking for "spectacular" without having to blow their entire wedding budget on their cake, this is a fabulous way to go!!

Photos by Tara Whittaker Photography.


  1. Lovely lovely! Gorgeous cakes and photos as always ladies!
    xo, nw

  2. I think the pinwheels are my favorite. Love the simplicity of the cakes too...this is totally what I wanted 20-odd years ago when I got married, but nobody did anything like this. Fabulous!!


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