Feb 14, 2013

Our new look

Welcome to A Spoonful of Vintage. How do you like our new look? I'll admit it, the design of the original blog was put together in a bit of a hapharzard way as we rushed to get things up and running. Since then, we spent a lot of time thinking about the "face" of A Spoonful of Vintage and how we want to represent ourselves. When you hear the words "vintage wedding" what do you think of? It means different things to different people doesn't it? While it could mean simple, rustic or DIY, some of the most elegant affairs find their roots in classic design and fashion. Here's a few examples from around the web. At A Spoonful of Vintage, we hope to inspire you with "new" ways to look at vintage.

The day after we decided on our "look", I stumbled across this breathtaking inspiration board on one of my favourite wedding blogs, Snippet & Ink. A little wink of affirmation perhaps?

See the original Snippet & Ink post here.

Kudos to Jen Airhart for our fabulous logo design.

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