Apr 23, 2013

And the winner of Vintage Decor Challenge is...

One of the highlights of Vintage Wedding Showcase was Vintage Decor Challenge. Six of Calgary's top wedding planners selected a film or show category with a strong vintage feel and interpreted that into a table top. Wow! We have some serious talent in our city (and vintage heart).

The 6 categories were The Great Gatsby, The Wizard of Oz, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Casablanca, Downton Abbey and Mad Men. The guests of Vintage Showcase selected the winner and we're so pleased to announce that winner of this year's competition is...Sharon Auld of Naturally Chic and Mad Men. Sharon's table epitomized the 1960s with shades of tangerine and olive, complimented by wood tones. Don Draper would have approved Sharon. Congratulations!!!

Thank you to all of our participants this year. Your enthusiasm and hard work really paid off, as I know that the brides walked away brimming with inspiration. If you missed seeing Sharon's display, you'll be able to catch more Mad Men details in the upcoming issue of Calgary Bridal Guide. Pick up your copy on news stands in July.

Stay tuned this week for more photos from Holly Golightly to Gatsby!

Sharon's flowers were provided by our own Sarah Mayerson.


  1. Well done...your details were simply amazing. Loved it all!!! Congratulations!

  2. This table was so beautiful! Wonderful work Sharon!!

  3. Congratulations Sharon...great job!!

  4. It was a definite winner! There were so many great designs there, but the detailing on yours was like we were transported back in time. I kept expecting Don Draper or Peggy Olson to pop by at any moment. Congratulations Sharon and Sarah!


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