Apr 29, 2013

Daisy, Gatsby and Blush Vintage Rentals

It's 1920...prohibibition has hit the Country and there's nowhere to party. Looks like you will have to "jazz" up your event with a "Speakeasy" for champagne, Manhattans and music. Why, you'll be the cat's pyjamas!

That is exactly what Blush Vintage Rentals did at Vintage Wedding Showcase. The inside of our speakeasy's d├ęcor was accentuated with lavish, extravagant touches, such as crushed red velvet chais lounge, crystal, flowers (by Sarah Mayerson Design), a cake (by Cakeworks) and art deco furniture. It's all in the details and oh boy, there were a lot of details.

The glamour and ostentation served in contrast from the other areas of the event including the feminine dressing room space. The ladies at A Vintage Affair lent some beautiful, vintage, silk negligees to hang from the antique screen. Champagne, pearls and fur coats strewn around the room and a dressing table held everything to complete a lovely ladies look before heading out. Up front in the speakeasy there was a small stage for a live band (Heather Blush & Lemondrop), to play jazz tunes off the era, from the likes of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. Beside the stage we were able to include fabulous vintage clarinets, banjos just in case the occasional jazz player wanted to jump in. The piece that created the most buzz at the Showcase was the original 1919 "still" that was set up...and before you ask yes it works! It absolutely made the space.

While some people think of speakeasies as dark places with bathtub liquor, we like to think of them as swanky joints that we see in the movies. It's so much more fun to mimic the rich & famous (thinking about Gatsby & Daisy), we created the feel off an exclusive affair for all who crossed our threshold.

Photographs above provided by Tara Whittaker Photography

Images provided by RWPhoto

Head on over to Blush Vintage Rental's website for more on their outstanding selection of handpicked, vintage rentals.

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