Apr 16, 2013

Mad Men Meets Matrimony with Naturally Chic!

One of the largest influences in fashion and interior design as of late has been the series Mad Men, set in the 1960s. This television drama has introduced new generations to mid century modern chic design and they are loving it! Wedding planners Naturally Chic have chosen this popular show as their tabletop theme - will they focus on the earlier 1960s when the series first started out, or gravitate towards the end of the century where the series is set now??

Think sleek minimalist lines with teak, earthtones, tweeds, abstract and pop art. Entertaining was so important and the cocktail cart was present in every home and office filled with matching sets of great glassware. 

Ladies were impeccably groomed with hats, gloves, smart handbags and rhinestone brooches. Dapper advertising executives sport dark suits with narrow pants, slicked hair and a highball glass filled with scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The theme is sophisticated, yet fun. As the series moves into the later 1960s, the color palette changes to include orange and pink, prints are groovy and there is a much more youthful look.

If your wedding venue is an art gallery or equally chic space, Mad Men is a fabulous theme choice that can have many different interpretations! Will you vote for Naturally Chic as your top pick for our Fan's Choice ballot at The Vintage Wedding Showcase??

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