Apr 21, 2013

See Blush Vintage Rentals at Vintage Wedding Showcase Today

Well folks, today is the day we've been waiting for. The hall is set-up and we're raring to go. Over the last few weeks, we've been featuring each of the collective members and last (but certainly not least), we want to introduce you to Colleen Walker of Blush Vintage Rentals.

Blush Vintage Rentals is a boutique rentals company and the inspiration of Colleen Walker. Colleen is a connoisseur of all things vintage, distressed, tattered, and torn. She specializes in the pursuit of unique vintage and antique furniture that create character and blend the past and present for any event. Colleen comes from a long line of “Celtic” storytellers and has a genuine interest in everyone she encounters. This has helped Colleen develop very personal designs for her clients. You will see many wonderful “Finds” scattered throughout the Vintage Wedding Showcase. Expect the unexpected.....

Photos by Red Bloom Photography

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