May 14, 2013

Our Welcome Wagon!

If you were able to swing by Vintage Wedding Showcase on April 21st, no doubt you noticed this stunning piece of automobile history welcoming you to the show.
It's owner Jeff, filled me in on some of the details:

The car is a 1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe sedan that has been built in the style of a traditional early '50s custom. The chrome teeth in the grille are from a '51 DeSoto, and they sit inside a '49 Mercury grille surround that has been narrowed to fit the Chevy's front fenders. Following the traditional methods, the body emblems, trim pieces and door handles have been shaved and smoothed over, and all the body seams were welded and smoothed as well. The headlights were also extended and frenched. The suspension has been drastically lowered in the rear and moderately dropped in the front, creating a slightly nose high "tail dragger" stance popular in the early 50s customs. Wide white wall tires on chromed steel wheels also help visually anchor the car in the early to mid 50s. The paint is a satin violet colour, with traditionally influenced pinstriping on the rear deck lid.

The lovely ladies in pink beside the car are from the The Sugar Sweets.

Thanks to Jeff for adding a bright pop of 1950s on what was a wintery day.


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